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16546YesElectricityMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas3070k or moreCityNo
13307NoElectricityElectricityElectricity & Wood3070k or moreCityNo
19872NoElectricity & Mains GasElectricityMains Gas2270k or moreCityNo
13868NoElectricityMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas2070k or moreCityNo
17739NoMains GasElectricityElectricity & Mains Gas2070k or moreCityNo
13928YesElectricity & Bottled GasElectricityElectricity & Wood2070k or moreRuralNo
18638NoElectricityElectricityElectricity & Wood3070k or moreRuralNo
17964NoElectricityElectricity & WoodElectricity & Wood4170k or moreCity2 kW to 4 kW
14853YesElectricityElectricityElectricity & Wood3070k or moreRuralNo
17952YesElectricityElectricityElectricity1070k or moreCityNo
17611YesElectricity & Mains GasMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas2070k or moreCityNo
19660YesElectricityMains GasElectricity2270k or moreCityNo
13019NoElectricityMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas1020k or lessCityNo
13593YesElectricityMains GasElectricity2070k or moreCityNo
14339YesElectricityElectricityElectricity & Mains Gas & Fossil Fuels2070k or moreCityNo
10483NoElectricityMains GasMains Gas2070k or moreCityNo
14661YesElectricityMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas2070k or moreCityNo
16423NoElectricity & Mains GasMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas2270k or moreCityNo
12817NoMains GasMains GasMains Gas2050-70kCityNo
17915YesElectricity & Mains GasMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas2070k or moreCityNo
16106YesElectricity & Mains GasMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas4150-70kCityNo
18575NoMains GasMains GasMains Gas & Wood3170k or moreCityNo
19189NoElectricityMains GasMains Gas2070k or moreCityNo
12877NoMains GasMains GasMains Gas2070k or moreCityYes not sure Size
11334YesElectricityElectricityElectricity3070k or moreCityNo
12707NoElectricityMains GasFossil Fuels2020k-50kCityNo
17189NoElectricityMains GasElectricity & Mains Gas2270k or moreCityNo
18081YesElectricityElectricityElectricity1170k or moreCityNo
18800NoBottled GasElectricityElectricity2070k or moreCityNo

Information: This web tool shows various energy usage information from different households in the Waikato region. The energy readings was collected from WEL Networks with the householders permission and was made to keep anonymity. This tool was created by Joris Suppers as part of his PhD research at the University of Waikato, this tool helps to analyse how different variables effect energy usage within the household. The raw household data can be downloaded by selecting the house from the table and clicking the "Download Raw Data".